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What makes a PSN tree unique?


… is a tree’s best friend

We look at soil from a Regenerative Horticulture perspective – a methodology that focuses on ecology and increasing biodiversity.

We nutrient-test our trees several times during the growing season to make sure they are getting the food they need.

We add microbiology to our soil! These little guys act as transporters – moving nutrients from the soil to the tree.

roots grown to maximize nutrient uptake


Facts about our root system

We fit a lot of roots into our baskets. Much of a trees’ health and wellness depends upon its roots. You get the benefits because very few roots are left behind. 

Our root pruning process results in fibrous roots which are better for nutrient uptake!

Trees establish more than twice as fast.




Consistency and uniformity in every crop.

Canopies that require little to no maintenance the first 3 years after purchase.

High nursery standards that mean an increased chance of a pass for your job.



How we use science on the nursery

Collaboration with leading scientists and experts on our current and future growing practices.

Multi-year, in-house trials performed by our Plant Health Department with a focus on preventative care for our plants as opposed to reactive chemical usage. 

Government funded research on soil and plant health.

Constant availability of freshly dug trees


We have trees available whenever you need them

Our growing technique allows us to dig our field grown trees at any time of the growing season!

Our potted trees are available anytime. Smaller in size. Easier to handle.

We can complete last minute orders!