grow with us


grow with us

We Grow More Than Trees…
We Grow People!

Our mandate is to help you grow. As a person and as a company. How?
First, by providing you with a tree that sets you up for success.
Second, by supporting your growth with information. Ask us your questions! We want you to succeed. 

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Let us help.


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Purple Springs is one of the most innovative nurseries in Western North America. Their focus on growing the most urban forest friendly crown and root system are second to none. They are aware of current specifications and definitions of quality.”

Dr. Edward F. Gilman Ph.D 

Professor, Environmental Horticulture


Purple Springs Nursery has an inspiring and focused approach to achieving quality, timeliness, and consistency. We are impressed by the team and look forward to further collaboration.

Terri McEnaney

President at Bailey Nurseries

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