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Wholesale FAQs

What is your current availability?

We upload our current availability on our website here.

Because trees are always upsizing or selling out, we can give you a more accurate availability if you give us a call.

How does shipping work?

Shipping costs vary depending on the size of your order and your location.


Trucks to Alberta have a flatrate fee of $1200. Please ask if your load is eligible for a partial load shipment at time of purchase.

British Columbia

Trucks shipping within BC are charged out hourly. Call for a quote!

What kind of trees do you grow?

We grow #15 gallon container trees and ball and burlap field grown trees starting at 45mm + caliper.

We grow over 100+ varieties of deciduous trees and a selection of coniferous trees. For more information on these varieties visit our catalogue and check out our availability.

How tall are your trees?

We measure our trees by caliper – the circumference of the tree trunk – rather than by height. Our Online Catalogue lists all maximum heights based on species.

Can I pick my own trees?

Many of our customers feel comfortable leaving the picking to our team of experts. With years of experience we’ve got a go-to standard that passes inspection time and time again.

Of course, give us a call if you’re interested in visiting the property for a tour at any time!

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